Rewarding quality video blog creation

Vloggi royalty payment rates

Stock video contributor remuneration

Get paid for third party reuse

If you submit video content to a project, you are granting the project owner rights to use that video free of charge. They may add an incentive instead.
But if a third party uses the same clip from the library, you will receive royalties.

Our 50% pledge

We believe in rewarding content creators fairly for their work.
Content created for the Vloggi platform continues to earn you money while you travel.

We reward quality

The better the video and captions are, the more likley they are to be licensed. We have a tiered licensing model that incentivises the production of quality video blogs. We share at least 50% of licence fees we collect back with the content creator.

Playlist use

Vloggi is a crowdsourcing video platform. Your content is likely to be used alongside other vloggers' work. Our royalty model aggregates licence fees across playlists, meaning that you'll get paid everytime your clips are used either as standalone Vloggis or contained within a playlist.

Payment per licence class

Download Licence

1 credit
Download Vloggi and use within 24 hours. Use on multiple social media channels
Usage: Social media
Time limit: 24 hours
Audience size: >1 million

Export Licence

2 credits
Download footage and captions separately. Use within one organisation
Usage: Promotion
Time limit: Unlimited
Audience size: >1 million

Download Licence

5 credits
Royalty-free license to download video and distribute to third parties
Usage: Public relations
Time limit: Unlimited
Audience size: >1 million

Download Licence

10 credits
Download and reuse Vloggis for manipulation and commercial resale.
Usage: Film & Television
Time limit: Unlimited
Audience size: >1 million